Jackie Zohn - #27

Position: Forward | Home: West Windsor, NJ

How I support my hockey habit: Owner, Notably Yours

Jackie was a "figure skater" in her early years (ages 9-15). Fellow QHCer, Sue Battig, who knew Jackie through their mutual involvement in cub scouts, found this info out and wasted no time recruiting Jackie. Jackie is a die-hard Philadelphia Flyers fan and since she was turning 40, this was a great way for her to face that midlife crisis. Known to the team, as Jackie's "got it going on" Zohn, she brings great stick handling skills and a great smile to QHC! Her son David, following in his mom's skates, plays for the Mercer Chiefs. When David shared with his classmates that his mom was a hockey player too... they said "I wish I had a mom that was a hockey player. What a cool mom!