Jen McCaffrey - #31

Position: Goalie | Home: Washington Crossing, PA

How I support my hockey habit: Marketing administrator / purchaser

I started playing hockey in July of 1999. I have 3 brothers and they all played growing up, but since I was the only girl in the family, my parents didn't really want me to play. So in April 1999, I was old enough and had saved enough money to buy equipment on my own. I tried a scrimmage with one of my brother's teams and I wasn't very good so they didn't want me to come back (ha ha). One of the guys had a wife that played on QHC, so he recommended that I try it. I did of course, and everyone was very cool, so nice and no one seemed to mind that I couldn't skate! I believe that playing hockey was the greatest thing I've ever done for myself. I have made many friends, traveled extensively, and get fun exercise. The people of QHC are the definition of a team - we come from many different backgrounds, hold many different beliefs, but on and off the ice we look out for each other. I couldn't have asked for a better start to my hockey career.

Greatest hockey achievement: Winning the 2003 National Championships in double over-time.