Bev Cream - #3

Position: Forward | Home: West Windsor, NJ

How I support my hockey habit: Physician

My interest in hockey started out by playing street hockey with my son, Nicholas, my husband and various neighbors; all men of course! I was known for causing several major injuries on the street. Nicholas started playing in an initiation ice hockey program 11 years ago and besides us enjoying Taco Bell after every session, I began to help on the ice. In the spring of 1996, Ice Land started a girls (and I mean girls program - 12 and up; so Sue and I hung out with all the kiddies) hockey league. My family signed me up in this league for my Mother's Day present. I also got red gloves for Valentine's Day one year; I'm such a romantic! Anyhow, I played a couple of summers with this Ice Land team and then I was spotted by Jennie Cook and yes believe or not, I was recruited! (My contract cannot be disclosed.) I became a queenie and now hold the honor of being the most mature skater on the team (and those of you who know me know this isn't talking about behavior). This is very long because Sue threatened to do bad things to my family and more importantly to my dogs if I didn't do it!