Ashley Quinlan - #41

Position: Defense | Home: Princeton Junction, NJ

How I support my hockey habit: Owner, carpet cleaning business

I started playing ice hockey in Long Island in 1975 when I was 11 yrs old. We had just moved back from Paris and I saw the boys out there having fun and wanted to play hockey instead of figure skate. I played with the boys for awhile and then got kicked off the team because the boys' fathers were upset that a girl was taking away from their sons' precious ice time. Apparently they thought the girls got enough time for figure skating and since I was a girl that was what I should be doing. Fortunately the next year we moved to Princeton and I started to play with the Nassau boys' club team. Princeton was much more receptive to a girl hockey player.

I started playing with QHC in 2001. I had not played since high school and it was something that I always loved and wanted to do again. My husband was very supportive and when our kids were no longer infants he encouraged me to go back and play again.

I love playing a sport with people who also really enjoy it. Everyone on the team is terrific and we have so much fun together. Everyone supports each other and we have a blast!